Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Part 01Hindi CSS Video Tutorial

In This CSS series we going to learn what is span in CSS. Now days div's are extensively used these days. We going to learn the basic concept behind the div and to use it in Dreamweaver.

Lesson - 01: What is CSS?
CSS: Cascade Style Sheet use to style web pages. CSS us like dress we can put on html page to change the look and feel of a web page and it also help us to maintain the same look and all over the site without any extra efforts.

 Lesson - 02: What is XHTML?

 XHTML 1.0 is same as HTML 4.0, today we develop sites in XHTML 1.0. We can also say XHTML is higher and strict version of HTML. 

Lesson - 03: What is CSS Selectors?

 Lesson - 04: Three Types of CSS
 Three ways to apply CSS are as follows:

 1) Inline CSS
 2) Internal CSS
 3) External CSS

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