Sunday, September 11, 2011

01 - What is CSS ?


  • CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. 
  • It is a new web page layout method that has been added to HTML to give web developers more control over their design and content layout. 
  • Using CSS allows a designer to create a standard set of commands (either embedded inside the web page or from an external page) that controls the style of all subsequent pages.
  • CSS can target and style native elements like your body tag or all <p> tags on the page.With CSS you can add style (fonts, colors, spacing, size. links) to web documents. More advanced techniques control the layout of the page without the use of tables or other cumbersome HTML.
  • Web sites designed in CSS are faster to change and update. Because the coding is reduced the pages are more efficient and require less bandwidth.
  • All in all, CSS is a development method that every designer will be using in the near future, and one that is very beneficial to everyone involved, from the designer through to the end user.

   CSS Example

font-family:"Times New Roman";


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      1. You are right about explaining CSS. I think the real power is in how easy it is to change the design of a website. With CSS all you have to do is change a couple CSS files and your design is different.