Multimediagyan provides most updated and easily understandable Hindi video tutorials on various software and technologies like Photoshop, Flash, Maya, HTML, CSS, ActionScript 3.0 and many more.

  1. Basic video tutorials. 
  2. Working with selections
  3. Creating button
  4. Crop and slice tool
  5. Adjustment Layers 

  1. Upload Website on LIVE Server
  2. Difference Between ID and Class 
  3. pseudo-classes 
  4. Difference Between DIV and Span 
  5. Tables VS. CSS( or DIV)

  1. Upload Website on LIVE Server
  2. Difference Between ID and Class
  3. pseudo-classes
  4.  Difference Between DIV and Span
  5. Tables VS. CSS( or DIV)

  1. Set Image Plane in Maya
  2. Model Bike Silencer, Shockers, Tyre
  3. Model Triple tree and Back Seat
  4. Introduction to Rigging
  5. Spline & Hand bone setup


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