Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Part 05 Border and Universal Selector in CSS

CSS Border

CSS Border, our personal favorite CSS attribute, allow you to completely customize the borders that appear around HTML elements. With HTML, it used to be impossible to place a border around an element, except for the table. CSS Borders let you create crisp, customized border styles with very little work, compared to the antiquated methods of HTML.

Universal selector 

Sometimes it is necessary to determine one style for all elements of the web page . In this case universal selector will help You, it fits any element of the web page. The universal selector can be used to represent any element at all, and is specified using an asterisk (*). Thus, use this declaration to make sure all elements are purple:

It also use to set the default setting of Margin and Padding in a Browser. for example:

Lesson - 14: Border in CSS

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